Cancun 2016.

What can I say? We love Mexico! 😁 Every year when we think of where we should go for our family vacation Cancun is always on the table. It's such a quick and easy flight from the DC area and there are a lot of resorts that are very family friendly. Even though we really wanted to go to another part of the world that we haven't visited before we ultimately decided on Cancun this year again because we found this relatively new family resort called Generations. The resort is completely all inclusive and because we went on our trip during off-peak season there weren't that many other families at the resort. The rooms and resort were amazing and it had everything we needed to make everyone happy. A spa for Sarah, food for me and the pool and beach for the girls 😊. It was such a wonderful and memorable time together with our family and given how cold it is in DC it is already, I'm totally missing Cancun. All these photos were taken either with my Leica Q, Canon 5D or my iPhone. 

Los Angeles.

I can't believe that I'm only now just getting the chance to blog about our first family trip to LA. I knew a while back that I was going to have to go to LA to be the best man at one of my good friend's wedding. I wasn't sure how well the girls would handle the 5-hour flight out of DC since this would be officially the longest flight they have taken but they both did amazingly well. We Airbnb'd a beautiful LA property right in West Hollywood where the girls could have a bedroom to themselves, my mother-in-law would have her own room and Sarah and I would have our own room too. We had planned out a week of events before having to attend the wedding on the weekend. I love Disney. I knew that we definitely had to take advantage of being so close to Disneyland to take the girls there. Then there was exploring LA and doing the Long Beach Aquarium. This one of the most difficult trips we have then to date since Sarah & I had our own events that we had to attend while we were in LA and we needed to lean on Sarah's mom to watch them in our absence. Also, sleeping in a new location is always hard for the girls but we knew going into this despite all the challenges it was something we knew we wanted to experience together as a family. It was a success and great learning experience and a trip that we will look back on for years to come! All these photos were taken with a combination of my Leica Q, Canon 5D MK3 and of course my trusty iPhone. 

Watch Series: Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso 976

Today I want to share with you guys one of my favorite watches. It's a watch that I always wanted to own from the time when I was just learning more about horology and gaining interest in watches as a whole. The JLC Reverso's history is probably one of the most interesting that I have ever read. The watch was designed in the 1931 originally as a sports watch for polo players at the time that needed a more robust watch that could take an impact without breaking. That's why JLC made a watch that could have a case that reversed to a solid stainless steel back during polo play and then be reversed back to the watch face once you were done playing. The reference that I own is a modern take on the original Reverso hence the increased grande size to the inclusion of a sapphire exhibition display back. Beyond the interesting history, there are many things that made me adore the Reverso and they are all rooted in it's unique design queues. As a photographer and engineer the Golden Ratio based on the Fibonacci Sequence has always interested me. The Golden Ratio exists not online in nature but also in some of the world's most famous art work like the Mona-Risa by Leonardo Da Vinci. It's said to have magical properties and that when something is design with the Golden Ratio in mind that it will be pleasing to look at. So it's interesting to know that the JLC Reverso's length and width of the rectangular case and even the small running seconds sub-dial is all based off the Golden Ratio. Maybe that's why I feel like this watch's design is so timeless. I also love the art deco queues that come from the 1930's period that still remain in the design of the watch even today. There's so many more smaller details about the watch I could talk about from the beautiful circular graining on the carriage of the case to the stain brushed dial or maybe even the blue hour and minutes hands but I have to say it's the beauty of the in-house 976 movement that has me mesmerized and checking the exhibition back every time I wear this watch. What else can I say other than this watch is truly one of the all time greats! You rarely will find a watch or anything with this level of timeless design. This is definitely a piece i'll keep in my collection until i'm ready to hopefully pass it on to one of my daughters one day. 


Ever since my brother moved to New York City we have had this trip to visit him on our list of things to do. It was both of the girls' first time in NYC and Olivia was definitely a bit overwhelmed by the craziness of Manhattan. We absolutely love Airbnb and wouldn't know what to do without it. We stayed at a really cozy and safe 2 bedroom condo in Brooklyn that was walking distance from the Brooklyn Bridge Park and the surrounding areas were pretty family friendly and convenient. We wished the weather was a bit warmer during our stay but we were lucky to get a few times of sunny warm weather. We spent our entire first day in Brooklyn and most of our time exploring the Brooklyn Bridge Park's activities. We got ice cream and pizza all the while getting to watch the sunset over Manhattan before returning home for a much needed bath for the girls and bedtime. The next day we met up with my brother and had breakfast at the Rockefeller Center and he took the girls to a few toy stores before finally getting to see his apartment in midtown Manhattan. We then headed to Central Park Zoo and ended the night with some dinner and shopping in KTown. It was really great for the girls to have some quality play time with their uncle and that was pretty much the highlight of the trip. Things don't always go as planed and it's never easy when you travel with young children like ours but we hope that we will continue to have opportunities like this to travel as a family and continue to push ourselves to make more memories like these =). 

Watch Series: Rolex Submariner

Today I want to share about my beloved no date Rolex Submariner reference 14060. This watch is so special to me for so many different reasons. I'll be the first to admit that for the longest time Rolex wasn't a brand that I really was into at all. I wrongfully viewed it as an older person's watch company for quite some time. I'll even admit that to this day there are definitely certain Rolex watches that don't appeal to me at all but the Rolex Submariner is one of my absolute favorite watches. This watch was my first Rolex and although I hope to one day have more Rolex pieces this watch is currently the only Rolex in my collection. I have so many fond memories that are associated with this piece. It's the watch I wear when I give my girls a bath or take them to the pool. It's the watch I wear almost always on all my travels and when I shoot most of my engagement and family sessions. The watch was designed to be a tool watch and I definitely treat it as so. From a design stand point, I love the simple and almost completely unchanged look of the no date sub. I prefer the reference 14060 or any of the older models to the current references that all have a ceramic bezel. The ceramic is more durable and won't scratch as easily as the metal bezel but I feel the glossy look of the ceramic bezel makes the watch look much more like a jewelry piece than the more utilitarian design of the original watch that I love so much. To top it off who doesn't love Mercedes hour hands and a lollipop running seconds hand. To this day, it's definitely one of the watches you will see on my wrist most frequently and I can't wait to watch the tritium dials patina over the next several years. 


It's really rare that I do any traveling without my family at all these days but I had to make it out to Mexico in celebration of my very good friend's bachelor party. It definitely took some adjusting to as the trip was completely outside of my normal every day schedule but none the less I a great time of fun and craziness. I got sick only a few days after I arrived back home (another indication on how tired I was after the trip lol) and i'm still doing my best to fully recover from the trip. We are going to be traveling as a family in CA in May to attend Stephanie & Jesse's wedding in beautiful Malibu and I can't wait to share more pictures from our adventures in CA but for now here are a few from my latest trip. 

Watch Series: Omega Speedmaster Reduced

This is my Omega Speedmaster Reduced reference 3539.50.00. Ever since I have been interested in watches the Omega Speedmaster line has been one of favorites. There's something about the beauty and the history behind this watch that draws me to it. I love how the watch dial in most models have barely changed through the years. This reduced model holds true to the original look with the classic black tachymetre bezel, the 3 lowered registers and beautiful large sweeping seconds counter. I think my favorite thing about the Speedmaster as a whole is just the versatility of the watch. I could wear it with this dark brown leather strap and the beautiful made Omega bracelet it comes with for two completely different looks and feel. The reduced model is particularly great because of a few things that set it apart from it's big brother. First, it has a smaller form factor sitting at only 38mm in case diameter which makes it idea for smaller wrists like mine or anyone that is use to more vintage watch sizes. Second, it has an automatic movement that makes everyday wearing much easier not having to remember to wind your watch. Lastly, the watch has a rounded sapphire crystal display glass that makes the watch much more scratch resistant when compared to the classic hesalite crystal on most original Speedmaster watches. This piece is a special one to me because it was the first Speedy I ever owned and it's definitely the piece that solidified my love for Speedmaster watches both vintage and modern. 

Olivia's 1st.

We have been meaning to share pictures from Olivia's birthday but have been so busy trying to wrap up the 2015 wedding season. From the very first day that Olivia came into our world she has completely changed the dynamic of our family. Our family tends to be on the introverted side and because of that we were completely caught off guard by Olivia. She is so fun loving and has this amazing wonder and curiosity of the world around her. Chloe is rather similar to me in that she's more at home with the people she knows and isn't really welcoming of trying new foods or activities. Olivia on the other hand is completely fearless of trying new things and foods. Sometimes we worry because she's so fearless that she's not even aware of her own physical limitations and will end up getting hurt as a result. She's amazingly easy to feed and the girl has not turned down anything new including all sorts of veggies and fruits and many times will turn down something she likes only to try something new. We love her so much and can't wait to see what milestones will come of her in 2016 but until then here are a few pictures from our celebration of her 1 year of life.  Special thanks to Eve for helping us put together this party and my dear friend and colleague Stephanie for capturing these beautiful images from our event. 


Something that I have recently come to really appreciate is the beauty of a fine made watch. I sort have always been a watch guy or at least i considered myself to be one but not until recently have I really gained an appreciation for mechanical watches. Maybe it's my background in engineering but it's something about how these watches tick that make me feel connected to them. For the most part my love is for older vintage watches but today I want to share this beautiful IWC watch. This IWC Portofino reference IW391007 is the only modern watch that I own. It's only modern in the sense that it was purchased in 2015. I love the old stylings of this watch and it's also a really important piece to me since it the watch I associate with my wedding. This will be the first of my watch series that i'm going to start on the blog. I'm going to try and share more pieces i have soon.