Do you shoot film or digital? 
We shoot both! Starting in 2018 we will be a fully hybrid shooting team. We will use the medium that makes the most sense in the given scenario.

What kind of film do you use? 
It's really hard to pick a favorite film but for weddings we primarily shoot Fujifilm Pro 400H and Kodak Portra 400 and Portra 800 film stocks.  

Do you have any limits on the number of photos taken on the wedding day?
Never any limit on the number of photos taken.

Where will you travel?
Anywhere. Although the majority of our wedding and clients stem from the Washington DC area we will travel wherever your wedding takes you.

Are all of our photos edited?
Yes, all of them are. The picture as you see it will be exactly as I intend them to be.

Do you provide a print and digital distribution release?
Absolutely. Included with our wedding package is a release so you can print your photos wherever you want and you can distribute them around the internet too (facebook, e-mail, twitter, etc). You can always purchase prints and albums from me using my professional custom lab but in no way is it required.

Do you have insurance?
Yup, let me know if you or your venue needs my info.

What are 5 things you love other than photography?
In our minds there's nothing better than family, travel, savory foods, organizing everything and of course watches! Well the last two might be heavily weighted towards me (Andy) LOL. Sarah might swap those last two out for seeking adventure and handbags =).