Couples’ Choice 2015

We are so excited for the 2nd year in a row to be a weddingwire couple’s choice. I’ll be the first to admit how difficult it is to remain passionate and creative if i only did this just to take beautiful pictures. Instead it’s feedback and experiences like what we got from Joy + Kevin below that truly make what we do special and meaningful. I’m so looking forward to 2015’s wedding season quickly approaching. I know it’s going to be a great year and a definitely a special one with Sarah & I both being a groomsman and bridesmaid in 2 of our close friends’ weddings!


We first heard about Sincereli from 2 couples who utilized Andy and his team for their respective engagement session and wedding. We heard nothing but high praise for them, and as we worked with Andy and his team, we were able to experience their professionalism and friendship first-hand. We absolutely loved our experience with Sincereli and we detail our experience for your benefit:

Overall experience: Andy has mastered what it takes to be a complete, skilled and well-rounded photographer. Three key words that describe his team are professional, friendly, and easy-going. They are true professionals in how they carry themselves, pick the backdrops, take the desired pictures, etc. They are so friendly – we really consider them as friends and not just a team we hired. They truly invest in our lives and we do the same with their family. They are very easy-going – Andy has a calm and laid-back demeanor that not only helps us cope with the stress on the wedding day, but actually reduce it. The awesome part is that they are able to effectively and efficiently take gorgeous pictures while being calm. We never felt any sort of pressure from them, and those intangibles mean just as much, if not more, than the actual pictures themselves. We honestly can’t stop raving about them to our friends and some of them already know they want to use his team on their special day!

Engagement session: Andy was very receptive with what shots we wanted to have, all while adding his own style to the photos. Andy has a humble and quiet confidence in the way he goes about his work. We were always moving and striking different poses with different backgrounds. He was very efficient with what he wanted. Taking engagement pictures was a little awkward for us, but Andy really took the time and patience to help us along without making us feel pressured at all. We absolutely love our engagement pictures and they really portray Andy’s signature artistic qualities.

Wedding Day: Andy and his team were again so professional and laid-back on our wedding day. We were running pretty late in some areas but they were able to adapt and didn’t put any extra pressure on us. We also had a lot of group pictures that needed to be taken post-ceremony and they did it joyfully. So many of the details were successfully captured. Since Andy does such a good job of capturing all the important moments between the bride and groom, you might have to talk to them if you prefer more pictures of the guests. But all in all, our wedding pictures turned out perfectly and they really capture the beauty of our special day!

So overall, we would rate our entire experience above 100%. We are so happy with the way our photos and video turned out, and for gaining a few friends in the process. Our family and friends haven’t stopped telling us how much they love the pictures. We wish the Sincereli team the very best as they continue to make countless others’ special day even more joyful and happy! You’re truly to a blessing to all of us!