WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards 2014

I have always said i had the best clients in the world and Sarah can attest to me always bragging about my clients in the most random times of the day. I was always so bad about asking for reviews but in 2013 i tried my best to ask as many of my couples to write something about us and i’m so proud and honored to be a couples choice for 2014! We are such a small footprint on the talent that is out there today in the wedding business but it’s reviews like Esther + Jeff’s that make all the hard work worth it in the end.

Esther + Jeff – “Andy is the BEST combination of talent and work ethic; his artistry is incredible but witnessing how hard he works was what really put us at complete ease. Over the 6 months between the engagement and wedding, we grew to appreciate Andy even more–not only for his professionalism but for his friendship. At the end of the day, we felt like we were being photographed by a friend who we trust and respect. A vendor relationship can’t get any better than that!

Andy responded to every single one of my e-mail inquiries (and there were MANY of those) promptly. His responses were always transparent and thorough and he was able to inject humor into these exchanges–a huge plus! It was clear that Andy approached these e-mails as a way to build a relationship by taking time to hear out and understand his client.

We took our engagement photos in Chicago and this is where Andy truly set himself apart as someone who goes above and beyond for his clients. He was incredibly gracious with his time and resources–we can’t thank him enough! We started shooting shortly after lunch and stopped at around midnight!! We don’t know how Andy did it, but he was able to lead the shoot effectively while making sure that we were at ease and having fun! We even scored a late-night shot at the bean after Millennium Park was closed. It was just us and the bean at night with the skyline behind us. Magical!

Before our wedding day, Andy made sure that he was up to speed on our day-of timeline. And as promised he and his second shooter, Ginger, arrived at the venue promptly at 6 AM for our 10:30 AM ceremony to take the detail shots. Andy kept things moving efficiently and he was able to capture all the tender, goofy, memorable moments of our wedding. We were absolutely thrilled with our pictures when we saw that SincereLi had really captured all the warmth and beauty of our wedding day.

Thank you for everything, SincereLi! We love you!”