The Inn at Perry Cabin | St. Michael’s, MD

The family & I finally got a chance to get away for a few days. I literally had to force us to do this because we have been talking about getting away for several months now and with wedding season quickly approaching it was now or not until Summer time. We picked The Inn at Perry Cabin because we wanted to go somewhere close by and quiet so that we could just escape and do nothing but spend time with Chloe, eat and sleep. Here are some analog exposures we took during our trip. I used our Fujifilm 210 Wide Format camera on this trip. There’s just something about analog film that I continue to love and it just keeps me shooting.

The resort was very comfortable and offered us a cosy room with a fireplace in the room. The view of the water from our balcony was so perfect and tranquil. The service and staff in the hotel were amazingly friendly and felt like family during our short stay. Everything we had to eat was amazing. There are 2 restaurants at the resort and both are stellar however, both are on the pricy side so if you are looking for a quick and cheaper food option i would recommend taking the short drive to town. Our stay was completely off-season and in the middle of the week and a lot of businesses were closed but at the same time there was no wait anywhere we went and it was like the resort, town and surrounding area was our private place to drive around and explore.

We so needed this and are feeling recharged and ready for the up coming wedding season!