The Impossible Instant Lab.

I think some of my fondest memories of taking pictures stemmed from using old Polaroid instant film. It was my first real exposure to taking pictures using my dad’s old classic 600 Polaroid camera. Ever since then i loved analog instant film. In fact, it was one of the only requests i had made for our wedding that we have real Polaroid analog instant film pictures taken of our guests for our guest book and i still have those pictures today. The problem is the film is expensive and rare. With Polaroid no longer producing the film and i have been keeping an eye on The Impossible Project as soon as i read their mission to bring back instant film. I became extremely excited to see the introduction of the instant lab because it gives me the ability to take the digital images i took with my iPhone and transform them into the analog instant film which is so awesome. I was one of the very first backers of this Kickstarter project when i saw it over a year ago and i’m so excited to finally have this as a part of our family of cameras.