Watch Series: Rolex Submariner

Today I want to share about my beloved no date Rolex Submariner reference 14060. This watch is so special to me for so many different reasons. I'll be the first to admit that for the longest time Rolex wasn't a brand that I really was into at all. I wrongfully viewed it as an older person's watch company for quite some time. I'll even admit that to this day there are definitely certain Rolex watches that don't appeal to me at all but the Rolex Submariner is one of my absolute favorite watches. This watch was my first Rolex and although I hope to one day have more Rolex pieces this watch is currently the only Rolex in my collection. I have so many fond memories that are associated with this piece. It's the watch I wear when I give my girls a bath or take them to the pool. It's the watch I wear almost always on all my travels and when I shoot most of my engagement and family sessions. The watch was designed to be a tool watch and I definitely treat it as so. From a design stand point, I love the simple and almost completely unchanged look of the no date sub. I prefer the reference 14060 or any of the older models to the current references that all have a ceramic bezel. The ceramic is more durable and won't scratch as easily as the metal bezel but I feel the glossy look of the ceramic bezel makes the watch look much more like a jewelry piece than the more utilitarian design of the original watch that I love so much. To top it off who doesn't love Mercedes hour hands and a lollipop running seconds hand. To this day, it's definitely one of the watches you will see on my wrist most frequently and I can't wait to watch the tritium dials patina over the next several years. 

Watch Series: Omega Speedmaster Reduced

This is my Omega Speedmaster Reduced reference 3539.50.00. Ever since I have been interested in watches the Omega Speedmaster line has been one of favorites. There's something about the beauty and the history behind this watch that draws me to it. I love how the watch dial in most models have barely changed through the years. This reduced model holds true to the original look with the classic black tachymetre bezel, the 3 lowered registers and beautiful large sweeping seconds counter. I think my favorite thing about the Speedmaster as a whole is just the versatility of the watch. I could wear it with this dark brown leather strap and the beautiful made Omega bracelet it comes with for two completely different looks and feel. The reduced model is particularly great because of a few things that set it apart from it's big brother. First, it has a smaller form factor sitting at only 38mm in case diameter which makes it idea for smaller wrists like mine or anyone that is use to more vintage watch sizes. Second, it has an automatic movement that makes everyday wearing much easier not having to remember to wind your watch. Lastly, the watch has a rounded sapphire crystal display glass that makes the watch much more scratch resistant when compared to the classic hesalite crystal on most original Speedmaster watches. This piece is a special one to me because it was the first Speedy I ever owned and it's definitely the piece that solidified my love for Speedmaster watches both vintage and modern. 


Something that I have recently come to really appreciate is the beauty of a fine made watch. I sort have always been a watch guy or at least i considered myself to be one but not until recently have I really gained an appreciation for mechanical watches. Maybe it's my background in engineering but it's something about how these watches tick that make me feel connected to them. For the most part my love is for older vintage watches but today I want to share this beautiful IWC watch. This IWC Portofino reference IW391007 is the only modern watch that I own. It's only modern in the sense that it was purchased in 2015. I love the old stylings of this watch and it's also a really important piece to me since it the watch I associate with my wedding. This will be the first of my watch series that i'm going to start on the blog. I'm going to try and share more pieces i have soon.