Olivia's 1st.

We have been meaning to share pictures from Olivia's birthday but have been so busy trying to wrap up the 2015 wedding season. From the very first day that Olivia came into our world she has completely changed the dynamic of our family. Our family tends to be on the introverted side and because of that we were completely caught off guard by Olivia. She is so fun loving and has this amazing wonder and curiosity of the world around her. Chloe is rather similar to me in that she's more at home with the people she knows and isn't really welcoming of trying new foods or activities. Olivia on the other hand is completely fearless of trying new things and foods. Sometimes we worry because she's so fearless that she's not even aware of her own physical limitations and will end up getting hurt as a result. She's amazingly easy to feed and the girl has not turned down anything new including all sorts of veggies and fruits and many times will turn down something she likes only to try something new. We love her so much and can't wait to see what milestones will come of her in 2016 but until then here are a few pictures from our celebration of her 1 year of life.  Special thanks to Eve for helping us put together this party and my dear friend and colleague Stephanie for capturing these beautiful images from our event.