Philadelphia 2018

We have been pretty fortunate to have a small following in the Philly and NJ areas and we have been doing weddings at least once or twice a year for the last few years. I have clients in the DC area that go up there for weddings but I also have shot weddings up there for people that are native to Philly as well. This time around, Daniel was with me assisting me and since he had never been to the City of Brotherly Love we took a few hours of our free time before the wedding to explore the city. I had forgot to bring my personal camera with me but I had brought a few extra rolls of film so I actually took the Contax 645 out with me around the city and just held myself to 16 exposures the whole time. That’s one of the best things about shooting film is that you really have to be so deliberate with every exposure and really ask yourself if that shot is worth it or not. It also allows you more time to think about each and every shot and you’ll find yourself more absorbed into the environment as well. If nothing else, it will definitely make you a better photographer. Here are the 16 shots I exposed out and about with Daniel. They were all shot on Kodak Portra 400.