Snowy Day.

Took the girls out to play in the snow! It was Chloe's first time trying on her snow boots and Olivia's first time in the snow. I absolutely love the beauty of freshly fallen snow and am so happy our girls got to experience it together! I can't wait until one day they can play together in the snow =). 

Chloe's First Snow.

This year has definitely been the toughest one for us. I knew i had to make the decision to take on fewer clients and pretty much just work fewer weddings. From the beginning of when we started this business i wanted to help and photograph as many couples as i could even if it meant taking away time from my personal life. That’s how important photographing couples’ weddings was for me. I knew right from the start that being asked to photograph someone’s wedding was a complete blessing and honor and i treated every client and wedding that way and still do. However, when Sarah was pregnant with Chloe i knew that i didn’t want Chloe growing up remembering her daddy always working on the weekends and as hard of decision it has been i decided to take on only a little over 1/2 of the clients that you typically did so that i could have more time with my family. Even though that decision was the toughest one i had to make since i have been photographing weddings, when i see how happy Chloe is to play in the snow with her mommy + daddy i know i made the right decision. Being able to photograph her and being there for all her firsts makes everything worth it.