Today will mark a milestone for me and my love for iPhone. This iPhone 4S will now make it 5 iPhones that i have purchased for myself and not to mention probably another 5 or 6 that i have purchased for people i love since iPhone first released. Over the years, I have spend countless hours researching and playing with the phone and over a couple thousand dollars on purchasing the phone. I remember being one of the first people in line to purchase the first 4GB iPhone and that was when there were probably only 20 other people in line with me. The phone at that time was a $500 dollar phone with no app store so there were no apps. The phone was a 2G phone and super slow but i was in love. I went in with no regret and purchased 2 of them for $1,000 dollars one for me and one for my girlfriend at the time (Sarah was my girlfriend at the time so it’s ok). This will be my first white iPhone and first Verizon iPhone and although it feels so much the same as my AT&T Black iPhone it’s still exciting to hold. What can i say, i ❤ iPhone.