US Virgin Islands.

Weddings have played such an amazing part of our lives the last 2 years. It has now opened us to the absolute beauty of the Virgin Islands. I don’t think that we would have ever discovered this place had it not been for Suzanne + Andy which brought us there. I mean I sort of always knew that it was a beautiful place but not like this. The beaches at St. John are just amazing! The sand is so soft it feels like you are walking on pillows. The waters are warm and changing shades of blue and green. I couldn’t dream up a more beautiful place to visit and it was definitely hard for us to leave.

My vacation camera is now my FujiFilm Instax wide format camera since Polaroid film is just too expensive now. I totally fell in love with it though! It’s not only easy shooting but so fun to do. The colors are much more crisp and the image more sharp compared to the old school Polaroid but still something about it gives it that vintage tone that I enjoy so much. I guess until I get my light field camera sometime next year this will be officially my fun camera.


We just had an amazing time and we really do hope to go back and visit again if we are so lucky in the near future.