R E V E L. | Atlantic City, NJ

Sarah and I had the chance to spend our anniversary weekend together this year. It’s been a while since we have not had a wedding or some other type of session on the weekend of our anniversary. We only wanted to go away for the weekend so we decided to check out the brand new resort and casino in Atlantic City, NJ call Revel.

The resort is truly a slice of Vegas out in AC. From the immense size of the resort to the girls dancing on the bars it just feels like Vegas but just at lot closer to home. The quality of the room and pretty much every detail that you would want in a resort is built perfectly. I love the floor to ceiling windows in every room and how every room has an ocean view. The one thing you have to keep in mind when staying at Revel is the cost of being there. The public in/out pool is beautiful but is super loud and crowded during the day and Sarah and I opted to hangout in the more quite and private Cabanas area but there was a $150 dollar price for 2 chairs. The Bask Spa in the resort is one of the nicest I have been and there is a co-ed bathhouse area where Sarah and I got to spend some time sitting in salt rooms and various spa pools together. Normally I don’t like spas because I’m always stuck in the guys side of the spa when I really just want to spend time with Sarah and that’s why I actually enjoyed Revel’s spa.

The price of everything reminds me of the price point at most Vegas or NYC hotels and despite the higher price for everything we didn’t have to pay for airfare to get there and the weekend getaway was still within what we had budgeted. Even though I think the resort is probably still geared more towards those that like to party and gamble more, Sarah and I were still able to find rest and relaxation. Just being able to spend time together counting our blessings and not talking about work made the trip worth it. If you are driving distance from AC I would totally recommend checking out Revel at least for a weekend.