I'm seriously behind on my blogging already in 2017 but I'm finally getting a chance to share some photos from our short trip to Kauai. It was such an honor and amazing experience to be invited to document Angela & Ellis's wedding in paradise. We had just one day to ourselves after the wedding was over to explore and take in as much of Kauai as we could and I think we did a pretty good job. We stayed at the beautiful St. Regis Hotel during our visit and it was the perfect home away for us. Being able to wake up, roll out of bed and look out the window and see the beautiful Kauai mountains just feet away was truly breathtaking. We started our day as early as we could with a mission to experience Kauai. We beach hopped and ate poke as much as we could stomach 😋. The best thing of Kauai to me was how raw it's landscapes were. Everything from the waterfalls and the Queen's Bath was so untouched by commercialization. The island just felt like a small town still and I loved everything about that. Here are just a few of the images I tried to take to capture the pure beauty of what Kauai was during our visit. 


This was our first real family vacation and it was truly an amazing time we had and i'm sure we will remember it for years to come. It was Chloe's first time flying and although it was definitely tough at times she did rather well. Olivia is technically traveling with us but just in the perfect safety of Sarah's belly so she was a perfect angel the entire trip =). I wish we had more time to travel like this but with Olivia coming in only a few months i'm sure we will have our hands full for at least until this time next year. 

Andaz 5th Ave | New York, NY

I’m so blessed to have some of the best clients in the business. I love traveling for shoots and it helps me get to know that client better since we get to spend a few days together rather then just the few hours we get together during the shoot. I’m here preping for Amy + Scott’s session tomorrow but they really went beyond my expectations to make sure I was taken care of during my stay in NYC.

The Andaz 5th Ave is my home for the next 2 nights and to this date haven’t stayed at a hotel as modern and sophisticated with the service and hospitality to match. I felt comfortable and taken care of from the very second I set foot in the hotel. Their seamless and casual check-in was refreshing and I was surprise to come back from scouting Brooklyn and other areas of NYC and see an elegantly plated snack tray and a bottle of wine for the evening. I don’t drink but the gesture was very much appreciated. Don’t worry I had plenty to drink since everything that was in the fridge that was not an alcoholic beverage was complimentary, seriously how awesome is that.

Thank you Amy + Scott for all the thought and preparation you put in on my behalf! I can’t wait for our session tomorrow!