I'm seriously behind on my blogging already in 2017 but I'm finally getting a chance to share some photos from our short trip to Kauai. It was such an honor and amazing experience to be invited to document Angela & Ellis's wedding in paradise. We had just one day to ourselves after the wedding was over to explore and take in as much of Kauai as we could and I think we did a pretty good job. We stayed at the beautiful St. Regis Hotel during our visit and it was the perfect home away for us. Being able to wake up, roll out of bed and look out the window and see the beautiful Kauai mountains just feet away was truly breathtaking. We started our day as early as we could with a mission to experience Kauai. We beach hopped and ate poke as much as we could stomach 😋. The best thing of Kauai to me was how raw it's landscapes were. Everything from the waterfalls and the Queen's Bath was so untouched by commercialization. The island just felt like a small town still and I loved everything about that. Here are just a few of the images I tried to take to capture the pure beauty of what Kauai was during our visit. 

Cancun 2016.

What can I say? We love Mexico! 😁 Every year when we think of where we should go for our family vacation Cancun is always on the table. It's such a quick and easy flight from the DC area and there are a lot of resorts that are very family friendly. Even though we really wanted to go to another part of the world that we haven't visited before we ultimately decided on Cancun this year again because we found this relatively new family resort called Generations. The resort is completely all inclusive and because we went on our trip during off-peak season there weren't that many other families at the resort. The rooms and resort were amazing and it had everything we needed to make everyone happy. A spa for Sarah, food for me and the pool and beach for the girls 😊. It was such a wonderful and memorable time together with our family and given how cold it is in DC it is already, I'm totally missing Cancun. All these photos were taken either with my Leica Q, Canon 5D or my iPhone. 

Los Angeles.

I can't believe that I'm only now just getting the chance to blog about our first family trip to LA. I knew a while back that I was going to have to go to LA to be the best man at one of my good friend's wedding. I wasn't sure how well the girls would handle the 5-hour flight out of DC since this would be officially the longest flight they have taken but they both did amazingly well. We Airbnb'd a beautiful LA property right in West Hollywood where the girls could have a bedroom to themselves, my mother-in-law would have her own room and Sarah and I would have our own room too. We had planned out a week of events before having to attend the wedding on the weekend. I love Disney. I knew that we definitely had to take advantage of being so close to Disneyland to take the girls there. Then there was exploring LA and doing the Long Beach Aquarium. This one of the most difficult trips we have then to date since Sarah & I had our own events that we had to attend while we were in LA and we needed to lean on Sarah's mom to watch them in our absence. Also, sleeping in a new location is always hard for the girls but we knew going into this despite all the challenges it was something we knew we wanted to experience together as a family. It was a success and great learning experience and a trip that we will look back on for years to come! All these photos were taken with a combination of my Leica Q, Canon 5D MK3 and of course my trusty iPhone.