Cancun 2016.

What can I say? We love Mexico! 😁 Every year when we think of where we should go for our family vacation Cancun is always on the table. It's such a quick and easy flight from the DC area and there are a lot of resorts that are very family friendly. Even though we really wanted to go to another part of the world that we haven't visited before we ultimately decided on Cancun this year again because we found this relatively new family resort called Generations. The resort is completely all inclusive and because we went on our trip during off-peak season there weren't that many other families at the resort. The rooms and resort were amazing and it had everything we needed to make everyone happy. A spa for Sarah, food for me and the pool and beach for the girls 😊. It was such a wonderful and memorable time together with our family and given how cold it is in DC it is already, I'm totally missing Cancun. All these photos were taken either with my Leica Q, Canon 5D or my iPhone. 


It's really rare that I do any traveling without my family at all these days but I had to make it out to Mexico in celebration of my very good friend's bachelor party. It definitely took some adjusting to as the trip was completely outside of my normal every day schedule but none the less I a great time of fun and craziness. I got sick only a few days after I arrived back home (another indication on how tired I was after the trip lol) and i'm still doing my best to fully recover from the trip. We are going to be traveling as a family in CA in May to attend Stephanie & Jesse's wedding in beautiful Malibu and I can't wait to share more pictures from our adventures in CA but for now here are a few from my latest trip. 


This was our first real family vacation and it was truly an amazing time we had and i'm sure we will remember it for years to come. It was Chloe's first time flying and although it was definitely tough at times she did rather well. Olivia is technically traveling with us but just in the perfect safety of Sarah's belly so she was a perfect angel the entire trip =). I wish we had more time to travel like this but with Olivia coming in only a few months i'm sure we will have our hands full for at least until this time next year.