St. Lucia 2018

We had the amazing opportunity to travel to St. Lucia this year to photograph our client’s wedding and were able lucky enough to have some time to enjoy and take in the beauty of the island. We visited a volcanic hot spring mud bath and took a boat ride to a beach for snorkeling. The St. Lucian Pitons were some of the most beautiful landscapes we’ve visited. These photos were all taken either on Kodak Portra 400 with the Contax 645 or on my Leica Q or my iPhone X. We had an amazing time and miss the island already.


It’s crazy how one thing can change everything. Everything Sarah and i wanted and wanted to achieve just become secondary to Chloe when she arrived. I never wanted anything more than now to be the best dad i can be. This video was 9+ months in the making and is a compilation of over a thousand images taken over the course of Sarah pregnancy. She carried Chloe for 9 long months but love it every step of the way. I always knew Sarah would make an amazing mom and i can only hope to be as good of a dad as she is a mom. It’s surreal that Chloe is here now and has been for almost 4 months now. I have totally forgotten what life was like before her and truly can’t imagine a day without her. We love you Chloe!