Sarah Expecting. | New York, NY

Sarah and I knew we were going to be busy with the coming of the new year and with everything going on it wasn’t going to allow for us to take an official baby moon or have dedicated time to take pictures of her pregnancy. So we took the two times we knew we would be traveling and made some time during each trip to take some photos. Shooting pictures of your wife such a delight and breeze. Photography has always been an extension of our relationship and I can’t tell you the number of times we just stopped and laughed at each other during the shoot. Sarah just has a way of making light of things that i’m probably taking a little too seriously which i absolutely adore.

We stayed at The Standard Hotel in the heart of the meatpacking district and it has been one of the nicest times we have had in NYC. The location is great, walking distance to a ton of retail stores and the Chelsea Market which is a great place to just enjoy a warm drink, conversation and fresh foods. The rooms are surprisingly open for a New York hotel and everything is modern and beautiful. The floor ceiling windows in every room offer great views of either the city or of the Hudson River. I do want to mention that every room has a peek-a-bo shower and that was fine for Sarah and i but i could imagine that getting a bit uncomfortable to shower if you roomed with a friend or even worse a family member. From the model-like reception people who help you check-in to the beautiful interior of the hotel it was just straight up beautiful inside and out. The elevators are home to a strange and a bit creepy video that plays while you ride up and down the dark elevator which add a weird ambiance to your ride to and from your room. As creepy as the video was i found myself to be rather mesmerized by the video every time i rode the elevator. The service was stellar and friendly. We were offered help many times without having to ask for it. As if the staff was anticipating any needs my pregnant wife and i might need which i loved. The top level of the hotel does become home to a one of the more popular night clubs at night so some of the higher floors do become more noisy but since we were on the 9th floor we didn’t really notice and slept easily.

We had a great time in DR for Susan’s wedding and very much enjoyed some alone time at The Standard Hotel but we ready to meet Chloe and are SO excited for this next phase of lives together!